IDX Catalyst Features Overview

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Mobile Platform : Not just a mobile site, a fully custom mobile responsive IDX CRM Solution 

Most IDX websites for REALTORS look fine on a smart phone or tablet, but there is a difference between an app that is made for mobile and a website that was designed for a personal computer’s web browser. While developing our mobile platform, we built it from the ground up for easy mobile use without a mouse. Features include a slide out menu system, easy searching with sliders, photo galleries that swipe and content that is optimized for retina displays. Learn more about Mobile Catalyst

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IDX Websites for realtors : No frames means better ranking 

When it comes to IDX websites for realtors and MLS feeds there are two options: Framed and Not Framed. The advantages of standalone websites that don’t rely on third party framed solutions are obvious when you understand how it works. With a framed solution, you don’t gain any SEO benefits of listings that appear on your site. This is literally thousands of pages of potential content that search engines don’t see on your site because the frame is redirected to your provider’s website, giving them all of the benefits. At Catalyst, we believe that the content on your site should be yours and you should reap the benefits of having fully indexed listings available for organic searches in sites like Google. Learn more about IDX and RETS MLS integration

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Zen Maps : An interactive home mapping solution 

Maps are built-in to all of our Real Estate functions like search results, property details, walk score, street view, and local schools. However, we didn’t stop there, we created a fun, easy to use interactive map search that we call ZenMaps. Finding homes in specific neighborhoods is easy to see at an overview level with clusters of homes, and as you zoom in to these clusters you are presented with quick details of homes allowing you to browse easily and click on only the homes you are most interested in. ZenMaps is only available through our IDX Website Integration, IDX Catalyst software. Learn more about ZenMaps

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Dynamic live search : Property Search

Let’s face it, people are most likely coming to your website for two reasons, to search for properties or, to learn more about your services. Being that IDX website integration is one of the most important features of your online presence, we didn’t just create a standard form that you are used to seeing on the internet. We created a simple dynamic live search application that breaks search down into three main categories Single Family, Condos, and Land. This keeps the search criteria minimal. We then took it a step further and broke it down into property details, lifestyle, and schools. As you enter criteria, the search narrows and you are shown the number of listings available. Once you are satisfied with the search criteria and number of properties available, then you actually go to a search results page filled with only properties you would be interested in. This saves the user a lot of hassle of scrolling through pages of properties that don’t interest them. Learn more about Dynamic Live Search

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WordPress : For Real Estate IDX Websites

So, what's so great about WordPress and why did we build our software around it? WordPress is an open-source community built software that thousands of developers around the world maintain. We choose to build our IDX website integration software into WordPress because it's easy for people like you to use, easy to manage, and easy to develop for. Easy means efficient, and efficiency saves you time and money.

The tools we've built into our IDX websites for realtors are tightly integrated into the WordPress dashboard giving you maximum control of your content with minimal effort. Learn more about our Real Estate WordPress plugin integration

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Catalyst Dynamic Web Services : Hosting + Maintenance + Upgrades

Catalyst Dynamic Web Services is a complete solution that keeps your website up-to-date, secure, and accessible with lightning fast speeds. We utilize the web-hosting industry's most advanced tools and have configured a package for our IDX Catalyst websites that parallels that of fortune 500 companies. You'll experience lightning-fast load times, 99.9% uptime, daily backups, advanced email solutions, and lifetime upgrades as we develop new tools for all of our websites. Learn more about Catalyst Dynamic Web Services

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