IDX MLS Search Tools

IDX MLS Search : Dynamic live property search 

Let’s face it, people are most likely coming to your website for two reasons, to search for properties or, to learn more about your services. Being that property search is one of the most important features of your online presence, we didn’t just create a standard form that you are used to seeing on the internet.

We created a simple dynamic live IDX MLS search application that breaks search down into property categories such as Single Family, Condos, and Land. This keeps the search criteria minimal. We then took it a step further and broke it down into property details, lifestyle, and schools. As you enter criteria, the search narrows and you are shown the number of listings available. Once you are satisfied with the search criteria and number of properties available, then you actually go to a search results page filled with only properties you would be interested in. This saves the user a lot of hassle of scrolling through pages of properties that don’t interest them.

IDX MLS Search

Forget about a small boring set of fields to search from, IDX Catalyst includes nearly all the MLS fields so that your clients can search like "pros". use the IDX data anyway you need and create content that consumers are looking for in YOUR market!